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A New Style Of Natural Lashes – 13MM DR Mink Lashes

A New Style Of Natural Lashes – 13MM DR Mink Lashes

Chaumet Lashes is Eyelash Vendors who has 10 years  and production experience.   Chaumet  Lash Vendors have good quality  of Wholesale Mink Lashes and 25mm Mink Lashes,We are professional Mink Eyelash Vendors Chaumet Lashes have own eyelash factory and long-term cooperation with the FedEx company and provide considerable after-sales services.

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Wholesale Mink Lashes

Why Introduce 13mm Eyelashes

As a professional Mink Lash Vendors, Chaumet Lashes will continue to update the style of eyelashes with the development of the eyelash market. Since many customers are students or office workers, they need to wear very natural style eyelashes every day, so we recently launched 13mm eyelashes according to the needs of customers. 13mm eyelashes are more natural and everyday than the popular 16mm eyelashes.《How To Get And Retain Customers For Your Eyelash Business?》

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Mink Lash Vendors

Benefits Of Ordering Eyelashes From Us

We are aware of recent fashion trends and will constantly update eyelash styles according to market needs, so you can buy the most popular eyelash styles at Chaumet lashes. We have our own eyelash factory and produce our own eyelashes. We strictly control the quality of the eyelashes, and will not blindly pursue the quantity and ignore the quality of the eyelashes. Because of this, we have a large number of eyelashes in stock, if you order our eyelashes, we can ship them at any time, and the shipping time is 3-5 working days.《Why Do You Need Custom Eyelash Packaging For Your Lash Business?》

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Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors


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