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Eyelash Books Are Very Popular Recently!

Eyelash Books Are Very Popular Recently!

For you who are just starting the eyelash business, a Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is essential?《Why Do You Need A Customized Eyelash Packaging Box To Start An Eyelash Business?》 In addition to a pair of Custom Lash Packaging, Chaumet lashes also has an eyelash book for three or four pairs of eyelashes and eyelash glue. Or tweezers, so you can sell your eyelash products in a set.Why Are Our Eyelashes And Lash Box Prices Different ?

custom eyelash boxes

Custom Lash Packaging

Can Mix Eyelash Styles In A Lash Book

The eyelash book can usually put three pairs of eyelashes and a tweezers. You can mix three popular styles of eyelashes and sell them together. This will not only give your customers more choices but also you can sell three pairs of eyelashes at one time. It is the best of both worlds.

wholesale eyelash packaging

Lash Book Can Hold Tweezers Or Eyelash Glue 

The lash book can not only put three to four pairs of eyelashes, but also can put eyelash tools such as tweezers, glue and brushes. You only need to buy an eyelash book and you have all the tools for wearing eyelashes. It is very convenient to use, because the tweezers and glue are used for wearing eyelashes Essential tool.

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Multiple Choices

Chaumet Lashes has three pairs and four pairs of customized eyelash books, you can choose according to your needs, and there are many different styles, there are eyelash books with windows, this one is the most popular, because there is no need to open the eyelashes The Custom Eyelash Box packaging can clearly see the eyelash style. The EP85 eyelash packaging box is a holographic eyelash book. It can hold four pairs of eyelashes. There are two pink ribbons on this box, just like a gift box! It isVery suitable as a gift!

cheap custom eyelash boxes

Custom Eyelash Box packaging

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  1. Hi, Chaumet Lashes! My name is Kylie, and I am looking to start up a store here in Kansas. Your lashes are beautiful and I am interested in making a purchase.

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