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Five Secrets Of Success For Beginners With False Eyelashes

Five Secrets Of Success For Beginners With False Eyelashes

The first thing you need to know about false eyelashes is that everyone is suitable for wearing false eyelashes. Even if your eyelashes are long or thick, or both, false eyelashes can create a dynamic and eye-catching style. You may want to wear false eyelashes for special events or photos, or you may want to start wearing false eyelashes every day.

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There is no right or wrong to wear false eyelashes, and there is no rule on when or where to wear false eyelashes. We like to use false eyelashes as a small accessory in the closet. We have been doing it, especially when compared with grafting, which really limits the creativity and makeup of the makeup artist, such as pursuing natural makeup instead of using a lot of eyelashes to make gorgeous Makeup. So if you are ready to receive false eyelash training, we will help you get started.

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First. Don’t low budget.

When buying eyelashes for the first time, don’t buy eyelashes that are too cheap. High-quality mink eyelashes can be reused 10-20 times, ensuring that you spend the least money on eyelashes and get the most comfortable wearing effect. Cheap eyelash strips may contain allergy-causing glue, which may cause allergic reactions or discomfort to some users. This is a huge adventure for a glue that you are not even sure whether you can use it. The eyelash band itself usually causes irritation, depending on the material. It is best to find quality eyelashes in your price range.

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Second. Design your mink eyelashes

When you get a new pair of eyelashes, you need to trim them so that they fit the shape of your eyes perfectly. Most eyelashes are too long. You need to remove the eyelashes from the package, and then gently glue them to the lid to know how many eyelashes need to be trimmed from the outer and inner corners. Trim a few eyelash sleeves. Prune less than you think needs to be pruned. Remember, you can trim more at any time, but if you trim too much, you cannot trim again.

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Third. Prepare your eyelids

Using oil-based products may interfere with your false eyelash adhesive. The oil will dissolve the glue that sticks the lash band to the natural lash line, making it completely ineffective. Oil and mascara cannot be mixed. Therefore, when wearing false eyelashes, be sure to keep the eyelids dry.


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Fourth. Apply your eyelashes.

Be patient with yourself, use a small amount of eyelash glue, and carefully attach the eyelash band to your eyelids, as close as possible to the natural eyelash line. If you are worried about not being able to do the job with your fingers, we have an amazing tweezers applicator tool that can help. In fact, even professional false eyelash professionals are full of praise for the ease of use of this application tool.

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Fifth, put on your eyelashes comfortably.

You don’t need eyelash curlers or mascara. we promise. If you apply mascara and other cosmetics on your eyelashes, the effect will not last and may destroy the effect of false eyelashes. In addition, you must clean your eyelashes more frequently.

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