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Focus on eyelash quality, not just price

Focus on eyelash quality, not just price

The Quality Of Mink Lashes Plays An Important Role In Lash Business

What is the most important factor for your eyelash business to continue? Of course it is the quality of the eyelashes. You must ensure that the quality of your eyelashes is consistent. So if you find a Eyelash Vendors with good eyelash quality, don’t change the supplier, because if you change to another Mink Lash Vendors, the quality of your eyelashes will be different. If the quality of your new supplier’s eyelashes is poor, it will affect your decoding business. Your old customers will be very disappointed and may even never order eyelashes from you again, so you can see how the quality of the eyelashes is important.


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How to ensure the quality of mink eyelashes

To maintain the quality of eyelashes, the cost of manufacturing eyelashes is also very high. We collect the hairs naturally shed by adult minks, and then disinfect them to make mink eyelashes. Mink eyelashes are all handmade, because mink hair is relatively silky and soft, and the machine is not easy to control, so it must be handmade. The man-made fiber eyelashes are all machine-made, so they look exactly the same, not at all vivid.《The hottest 25mm false eyelash in north america of 2021》

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Quality determines price

Many customers compare the price of chemical fiber eyelashes with the price of our pure mink eyelashes. Please compare quality, not just price. The quality of mink eyelashes is very different from that of chemical fiber eyelashes. It is conceivable that the price is of course different. Our mink eyelashes are of high quality and can be used repeatedly 15-20 times. And it can be washed with water, and it can be restored to its original shape after natural drying. The average price is only a few cents each time! Basically, chemical fiber eyelashes can only be used once. Then the price of 1-2 dollars is not cheap, and 2 dollars is wasted for one use.《Why Do you need custom boxes printing with your brand name or logo》

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  2. Hi Chaumet Lashes,Good afternoon my name is odalys and I’m starting my lash line.I’m looking for a lash vendor I came across your account on TikTok .I would like to start working with you hopefully you can help me

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