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Hair Density: What Is It And Does It Matter?

Hair Density: What Is It And Does It Matter?

What Is Hair Density?

Hair density is defined as how thick or thin the hair is on your Human Hair Wigs. It means the amount of hair on each wig cap. There are generally different densities represented by different percentages. Hair density is expressed as a percentage and tells you how much hair is actually on that hairpiece. However, you should note that hair density does not refer to texture.The higher the density percentage, the fuller it will look.  And the lower the density percentage, the thinner it will look. As mentioned above, hair density ranges from 100% to 200%. The 200% hair density is the thickest, while 100% density the thinnest.The most commonly chosen hair density is 150%, which is medium-thick and closely mimics natural hair density. Most units come pre-plucked, which means they are less dense around the hairline, giving the units a more realistic look.Also, note that density is different from the actual thickness of each strand. You could be having thick strands of hair, but still, have low density and vice versa.

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How Hair Density Is Classified

To assist people in easily choose their preferred hair, we normally use general guidelines for wig density. This way, regardless type of wig you choose, you know what it will look and feel like.Natural hair density is between 130% to 180%. However, it can fluctuate depending on hair processing, diet, or genetics. With wigs, you can feel confident that your hair will always have the same luxuriance you desire. The better the quality of hair, the less likely it is to shed or get tangled.

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* Extra Light Hair Density: 50% to 60%

This density is considered the lightest and ideal for people whose natural hair is very less. Some scalp may be visible but can appear natural.

* Light hair density: 80%

This also an ideal option for people with naturally thin hair. It is preferred by people who are experiencing hair thinning.  For this density, there is very little hair on the cap, you won’t even feel it.

* Light to medium density: 100%

The wig density is still on the lighter side. However, it offers more coverage than the 80% or less density. If you have naturally thin, fine hair, and want to mimic its texture, this is the best option.

* Medium density: 120% to 130%

Medium hair density is the closest density of natural hair, making it a very popular choice amongst wig wearers. It offers volume, but not too much for a very natural look. This density is not thick, and not too thin. When you are looking for the volume or fullness of your hair, this medium density is the perfect option.

* Heavy density: 130% to 150%

If you are looking to achieve a full look with tons of volume, a heavy hair density is a perfect option. It provides wearers with fullness without being overwhelming. Heavy density is an ideal option for people who like very thick and fluffy hair.

* Extra heavy density: 180% to 200%

This is heavy hair that is very common among celebrities who wear them for shows and want a full and voluminous look. This density is also suitable for people who like a full style. However, this extra heavy density is the most expensive of all the hair densities. But it is worth every coin because it looks very glamorous.

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