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How Many Times Can Wholesale Eyelashes Be Reused

How Many Times Can Wholesale Eyelashes Be Reused?

As we all know, mink eyelashes can be reused. However, how many times can mink eyelashes be used? It depends on the quality of the eyelashes. Many Eyelash Vendors claim that their mink eyelashes can be used dozens of times in wholesale. Really?


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In fact, many mink eyelashes can be reused many times as long as they are properly maintained. But not all eyelashes have the same quality. Some 3D mink eyelashes will fall off from the mink eyelashes, and some eyelashes will lose their curve the second time they are worn.

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How do I know how many times the eyelashes can be reused? We can check the quality of eyelash glue. If glue and mink are the best, then they can be reused about 30 times, you should pay attention to 3D mink wholesale.

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How to maintain wholesale eyelashes?

Before going to bed, you should remove the eyelashes first, and then gently place them on the eyelash tray. If it is dirty, it should be washed with warm water. Wrap the eyelashes with an appropriate amount of detergent to make dust and glue fall off. You can also use tweezers to gently pull off the firm glue. Don’t worry about damaging it, the best eyelashes will not be damaged during the cleaning process. After washing the eyelashes, you can dry them with soft paper or a hair dryer.

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The last step is to put the eyelashes on the box or transparent acrylic box.

You can’t wash some bad eyelashes. It will lose its original shape when it is taken off, and the eyelashes will fall off due to insufficient fineness during washing.

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