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How To Change The Address After Placing An Order?

How To Change The Address After Placing An Order?

chaumet lashes is a professional eyelash supplier with more than 10 years of experience in eyelash manufacturing and sales, helping tens of thousands of customers realize their entrepreneurial dreams. We have a professional team of designers who can design your own logo for you for free, and we have our own eyelash factory to produce handmade mink eyelashes. We provide quality after-sales service.After ordering Mink Lash And Custom Eyelash Packaging,moved?did you accidentally fill in the wrong address during payment? and worried about not receiving your own parcel?

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Don’t worry, the Chaumet Lashes factory was established in 2006. We are professional quality eyelash suppliers and customized eyelash packaging suppliers. We have many customers from the United States, and customers often encounter this problem. Therefore, in order to ensure that our customers can receive their packages, we applied for privileges. After delivery, customers can change the wrong address to the correct delivery address through FedEx’s official website.

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1:You will receive an email after your package shipped out

How to modify the address after placing an order?

2:Click the link in the email to enter the official website of FedEx, and then you can follow the instructions to start modifying the address.

How to modify the address after placing an order?

3:Then fill in the correct ship address

4:And you can also choose the delivery date, which is very convenient to ensure that you can receive your package better

You can change CORRECT address in four simple steps, So don’t worry.

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  1. Hi Im Very Intersted In Opening My Own Eyelash Business & I Came Upon your website & wondering if you guys give samples of your mink eyelashes

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