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How To Clean False Eyelashes Properly?

How To Clean False Eyelashes Properly?

The price of a pair of realistic false eyelashes may be very high, so we can achieve the purpose of repeated use by washing the eyelashes. It is actually easy to remove false eyelashes from the mascara block and glue residue, making them look as original as they were when they were purchased. Armani Lashes is a professional Mink Lash Vendors, we can provide you with high-quality and luxurious mink eyelashes, and tailor your own eyelash brand for you.

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Knowing how to clean false eyelashes without damaging them can extend the life of false eyelashes and save some cash. Here are some tips from professionals to keep your eyes healthy.

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Wash your hands.

handwashing. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. You don’t want to mess up the delicate area around the eyes. After washing your hands with non-fragrance and preservative-free soap or detergent, use a cotton swab dipped in water or a water-based makeup remover on the lash band to help loosen the eyelash glue.

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Peel gently.

With the loosening of the eyelash glue, the false eyelashes should now fall off more easily. Hold the outer corners of wholesale mink eyelashes with your thumb and index finger, and then gently peel them off. If you use a bunch of individual eyelashes, use your fingers to remove them piece by piece. The key word here is gentleness-don’t pull the real and false eyelashes next to the false eyelashes. Do not pull on the mink hair, so as not to accidentally tear off individual mink eyelashes from the handmade lash band. Peel gently to avoid damaging the eyelashes.

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Clean up.

This step is very important, it must be gentle, it will help you maintain the natural fluffy curl of mink eyelashes. Place the eyelashes on your index finger and wrap the tip of the eyelashes to keep it curled.
Use tweezers to carefully remove a large amount of glue residue on the front and back of the lash band. Use your nails to gently scrape the remaining small pieces of glue on the eyelash band onto your index finger.

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Place mink eyelashes on the tray of their original Custom Eyelash Packaging for re-styling and continuous wearing. Keep the false eyelash case closed to prevent bacteria and dust from falling on your luxurious false eyelashes.

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