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How to distinguish between high quality and low quality eyelashes?

How to distinguish between high quality and low quality eyelashes?

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In recent years, the mink eyelash market has grown larger and more customers are buying mink eyelashes. 《What are the best sellers of 20mm mink lashes 》With the continuous expansion of the mink eyelash market, mink eyelashes of uneven quality have begun to appear on the market, so how to distinguish between high quality and low quality mink eyelashes is particularly important.

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First of all, high-quality mink eyelashes can be used repeatedly 15 to 20 times. The eyelashes are very soft and comfortable to wear. And you can wash your eyelashes with water and let them dry naturally just like our own hair. The low-quality eyelashes are hard and prone to hair loss. It can only be used one or twice, and it cannot be washed with water.Do you know 《what the advantage of innisfree lashes?》

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Secondly, high-quality eyelashes are very soft, while low-quality eyelashes are made of hard material, which makes them uncomfortable if worn on glasses. Eyes are very sensitive parts, so we must choose high-quality eyelashes to wear, do not wear poor quality, rough eyelashes, so as not to damage our eyes.

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