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New Products 10ml Lip Gloss Tube

New Products 10ml Lip Gloss Tube

As a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors, Chaumet Lashes not only provides mink eyelashes of different lengths, but also eyelash packaging boxes, eyelash glue, tweezers, brushes and other products. Recently we also launched a new lip glosses.《How To Create My Own Eyelash Brand&Start Lash Business》

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 Lip Gloss Tube

In our daily life, most people tend to neglect the care of the lips, because our mouths lack moisture and dry out, which looks very unsightly. Is there any good way to add moisture to our mouth? That is lip oil. The lip oil is easy to carry, we can carry it with us and put it in our bag, and apply it on the mouth wherever we go, making your mouth look very charming.《Points to note when choosing eyelashes》

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Lip Gloss Tube Vendors


The basic lip gloss will only increase the gloss of the lips without discoloration. Color lip gloss can add color and gloss. Glossy lip gloss has a bright tone and can be colored or colorless.The new “fullness” lip gloss contains ingredients that make lips appear softer and fuller.

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Lip Gloss Tubes Wholesale


Like lipstick, lip gloss is a mixture of wax, oil and paint. However, lip gloss contains less pigment, and the pigment used is usually light-colored or diluted (<3%). In addition, the free-flowing nature of the product requires less wax. The main ingredient is lanolin and contains vitamin C, which feels good on the lips and imparts luster due to its moisturizing properties.

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Cute Lip Gloss Containers Wholesale

About customization

We also provide customized services, we can print your own logo or anything on the lip gloss, the minimum order quantity is only 3 sets (1 set is 12 sets).

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Lip Gloss Wand Tubes Wholesale


Eyelashes need Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxs, lip oils also need packaging bags, as long as you buy our lip oils, we will give you holographic packaging bags for free.


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Lip Gloss Supplies Wholesale


The smell of lip oil is a light mixed fruit flavor, the sequins in each lipstick are different, but they are all transparent colors when applied to the mouth

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Lip Gloss Tubes Custom

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