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Some questions about custom eyelash packaging box

Some questions about custom eyelash packaging box

There is only one month left in 2020, are you still entangled in starting your eyelash business? Don’t worry anymore, because many people have already started their eyelash business and made money! Maybe you still have many questions when you just started the eyelash business. It doesn’t matter, let me help you answer your questions about Eeyelash Packaging Boxes today. Hope this article can help you.

eyelash packaging

Eyelash Packaging Pink Money Box


1. What if I don’t have enough budget to buy eyelash packaging box?
Many customers who just started the eyelash business have relatively low budgets. It doesn’t matter. Even if your budget is very low, it is enough to buy our eyelash packaging! You can choose this square acrylic box as shown below, the price is very cheap, as long as one US dollar! And you can choose the bottom cardboard you like and put it in it, which is very beautiful. And the box is transparent, you can clearly see the style of eyelashes.《Why  your eyelash business have not be successful》

custom eyelash packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging

cheap custom eyelash boxes

2 What is the minimum order quantity of your box?

Love, I’m very lucky to tell you: the minimum order quantity of all our Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes with your logo is 30. We know that the minimum order quantity of Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale given by other Eyelash Vendor in the eyelash market is more than 100. We think this is too inappropriate for you who want to start eyelash creation!

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

3.Process of ordering eyelash packaging box

If it is a simple round  Custom Eyelash Packaging, our production time is 2 days, and then we will arrange delivery to you! If it is a Customize Your Own Eyelash Box, we need to design the logo you want on the Eyelashs Packing Box. After you complete the payment, and after you agree with the design, we will arrange the production. The production time is 3-5 workdays. You will receive your order 3-5 working days after the completion of production!Click here《How to customize the box but dont have your own logo》

eyelash packaging box

 Custom Eyelash Packaging Simple Round Case

custom eyelash packaging box

Customize Your Own Eyelash Box

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click here«Design your own logo 

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  1. Hi Im Very Intersted In Opening My Own Eyelash Business & I Came Upon your website & wondering if you guys give samples of your mink eyelashes

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