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Steps To Design Your Own Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Steps To Design Your Own Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Chaumet Lashes have profession designer team and provide Custom Eyelash Packaging.Our designer can help you design your own logo FOR FREE.If you choose Chaumet Lashes,not only you choose a Lash Vendor but also a good service!We provide high quality products and attentive service.The reason why you need the Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is that  custom eyelash packaging is not a eyelash box,printing your own logo on the Lashes Packaging it is a symbol of your brand!Many customers want to customize their own unique eyelash packaging box, how to do it?

Custom Eyelash Box

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Determine the style of eyelash packaging box you like

The first thing to do is to determine the style of Custom Eyelash Box Packaging you like. Chaumet Lashes has hundreds of Eyelash Packaging, Custom Lash Boxes of various shapes and different opening methods, ordinary clamshell boxes, pull-out boxes, rectangular, square, round, diamond and other different shapes of boxes. There are many different colors and materials for you to choose.

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

Determine what you want to print on the box

Do you have your own logo? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your own logo, Chaumet has a professional designer team, as long as you buy our Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, we will provide free design services. Can help you design a logo for free, you just need to tell us your thoughts. As far as I know, it costs US$50-100 to design a logo in the United States. In our place, you can buy 30 pieces Customize Lash Boxes with your logo printed on it for $100, and you can also get the opportunity to design logos for free.

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Customize Lash Boxes

After confirming the style of eyelash packaging box you like, and after confirming the content you want to print, you can confirm your order. We will issue an invoice to you and we can start your order after you complete the payment.

Custom Eyelash Boxes

Eyelash Box Vendors

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