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The Difference Between Our Mink Eyelashes And Other Silk False Eyelashes

The Difference Between Our Mink Eyelashes And Other Silk False Eyelashes

Everyone knows how important the eyes are to us as human beings, so we are helping people to pursue beauty while also helping people to pursue the high quality and comfort of eyelashes.

But some of our clients came back to us and said, “the lashes we bought from you are not real mink lashes, they are fake! Give us a refund!” We wondered, “our 25 Mink Eyelashes are 100% Siberian genuine mink hair, how can they be fake!” Under our repeated inquiries, the client said that they bought fake minks eyelashes from other suppliers for the sake of cheap eyelashes, but they claimed to be the agent of Chaumet lashes. “OMG!!!!! The eyelash business at chaumet lashes is so hot that people are jealous and trying to impersonate us!

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Eyelash Packaging Box

Mink lashes are so similar to silk lashes that it’s hard to tell if your purchased lashes are real or fake! In order to make more customers not to be cheated and buy real mink eyelashes, Chaumet Lashes, as a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors and a world-renowned and widely recognized world-class mink Eyelash Manufacturer, is very enthusiastic and responsible to explain the difference between mink eyelashes and silk eyelashes.

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Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

We are a professional manufacturer of mink eyelashes. We only produce high-quality 3d Mink Eyelashes. Our eyelash is 100% pure mink eyelash, Siberia and is 100% pure handmade, the mink eyelash 24 hours a day in our house wear will not deformation, detergent flush with eyelash eyelash on paper towels to dry the eyelash after will return to its original shape, never deformation, and our eyelash can be repeated use 25 to 30 times!!!!!! The mink eyelashes of Chaumet Lashes are comfortable to wear. After wearing them, they will have a stereoscopic feeling, which will make your eyes magnify and become more attractive!

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Wholesale Mink Lashes and Packaging

And the false eyelash that other people home claims to be mink eyelash is worn later can have uncomfortable feeling, and eyelash can have soft and flat feeling, can cover your eye carelessly, let your eye look very bad. And false mink eyelashes will have a smell of smelly plastic after using the fire, and after burning into a ball of small black pieces, not easy to break hands.

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Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

Well, we’ve answered all the questions you wanted to know. The best advice: if you want to buy real mink eyelashes, come to Chaumet Lashes so you don’t have to worry about buying fake ones. Welcome your arrival!!

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  1. Good morning, I would like to inquire about the synthetic lashes private label program that your company currently offer. Can I get samples? more photos? pricing and processes? Thank you

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