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Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glue!

Tips For Wearing Lashes With Glue!

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of  Wholesale  Eyelash  , Custom Eyelash Packaging and  Glue , Tweezers .Our Wholesale Eyelashes are 100% handcrafted with real Siberian mink fur. the Bulk Mink eyelashes are very durable and can be reused 20-25times. The perfect 3D effect of our Mink Lashes is created by controlling the temperature. No chemical is used in the production process of our products. So our Mink Lashes Vendor have  no pungent chemical odor and is 100% safe and healthy for customers to wear.《How To Start A Lash Line & Eyelash Brand?》

custom eyelash packaging box

Mink Lashes Vendor

As a professional eyelash provider, we sell not only Wholesale Mink Lashes and Eyelash Packaging Boxes, but also tools for wearing eyelashes. Like eyelash tweezers and eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is essential for wearing eyelashes.If the glue is to dry quickly, we will blow dry. When drying glue, you should pay attention to some techniques. If you want to become more viscous, do not blow, but you must remove the air. In fact, this effect doubles the viscosity of the glue. When pasting, pay attention to one operation. After the eyelashes grow up, you should pay attention to the shape of the eyelashes and it is best to lift them first.

custom eyeliner glue pen

Eyeliner Glue Pen

There are several ways, we can cut the false eyelashes into sections, and the cut stickers will be more curly than the whole section of eyelashes. When cutting the false eyelashes, you can use small scissors. Regardless of what stem will be cut, divide the eyelashes into three parts. The front, middle and back are slightly smaller. Segmentation actually has many advantages. One is for novices. Generally speaking, we usually start from the middle to determine the position, and then paste it back to the front.《Why Do Many People Order Wholesale Mink Eyelashes From Chaumet Lashes?》

eyelash vendors

Custom Eyelash GLue White Glue

mink lash vendors

Custom Eyelash GLue Black Glue

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  1. Hello I wanted to know the price to sample your 25mm mink lashes and shipping cost. Also how long is shipping to the united states? Lastly I want to know more about your wholesale pricing.

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