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What are our adventures compared with other eyelash vendors?

What are our adventures compared with other eyelash vendors?

1.Technology: Our natural Mink Eyelashes are handmade, in order to ensure the symmetry, beauty, consistency and perfection of the 3d eyelashes, each of our workers can only do 10 pairs of mink fur eyelashes a day, and the number of eyelashes we make is limited, so It can guarantee the quality of our 3D mink lashes.

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Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

2.Cruelty Free :We are real mink eyelashes, all mink are artificially bred. Only a small part is located at the end of the tail, which is closer to the quality of human eyelashes. It is very rare and precious. The most comfortable eyelashes are used to make eyelashes with that part of the hair, so they are no different from the chemical fiber eyelashes on the market.

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Mink Lashes Wholesale

3. Free design:Many customers don’t have their own logo and brand name, and don’t know what styles are currently popular. Chaumet Lashes has many years of experience in custom eyelash packaging. The company has a professional designer team that can design a logo for you for free. After the order is placed, we will continue to improve the styles of eyelashes and boxes according to the fashion trends of the international market, and we will be at the forefront of the international market.

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Customized Lash Boxes

4.Healthy:Our eyelashes are heat treated through physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Through temperature control, our wholesale eyelashes have no odor. We can confidently say that we are the only company in the world with this technology and we have obtained government certification.And our eyelashes are 100% mink eyelashes, which are very soft and comfortable to wear without stress. Very natural and real like your own eyelashes.

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Wholesale Lashes Vendors

4.Various styles:We have four different lengths of eyelashes, with hundreds of styles. There are natural styles and luxurious styles. You can mix all your favorite eyelash styles.

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mink lash vendors

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  1. Hello how are you I want to start my own business of selling eyelashes and I want to know how much do u sell ur lashes and how much is it for u to customize eyelash packaging

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