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What Eyelashes Are More Suitable For The US?

What Eyelashes Are More Suitable For The US?

Chaumet Eyelash Vendors is the most professional Wholesale Mink Lashes supplier in China. We have more than ten years of eyelash experience, we know what style of eyelashes is the most suitable for American eyelashes.

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Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors

Unlike American ladies who like super dramatic Wholesale Mink Lashes American girls like natural and flat 3D Mink Lashes to make them look beautiful, but not so ostentatious!
The three styles of eyelashes on the top of this blog are the three most popular eyelashes in American. Down below, I will give you an explanation with the order of Benefit Lashes for your reference.


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American are unwilling to spend more money on Custom Eyelash Packaging to make the packaging perfect. The mainstream packaging of Wella Lashes is this acrylic diamond transparent box packaging. Now wolflashes has been promoted as a VIP customer, so Gali only needs to pay 0.5 US dollars on per package.


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Gali feels that she is very friendly and cared about. The logo of Lanvin Lashes is very beautiful. It is easy to attract the eyeballs when driving this package, which is very attractive to customers to buy.

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  1. Hi. I am inquiring about a sample pack. I want to start my own lash line & I would love to try out your eyelashes. How can I purchase a sample pack?

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