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What Questions Should You Ask Before You Order?

What Questions Should You Ask Before You Order?

First of all, of course, ask the price!

1.Well, it depends on the eyelash style you choose. If you choose real Mink Eyelash Wholesale, it will be a little more expensive than other materials.Because mink eyelashes are much more expensive, rare and precious. Prices usually depend on style and quantity.

2.If you want to buy cheap eyelashes, you can choose faux mink eyelashes and silk mink eyelashes, which will be cheaper than the Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale. If you want to order eyelashes in bulk, it will be cheaper. The cost ranges from $1 to $3 according to style and quantity.

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

Mink Eyelash Wholesale

Ask about the current status of the eyelash market

For example, you should take the initiative to understand the situation of the eyelash market and ask your Eyelash Vendors. If people like faux mink eyelashes or silk eyelashes, you can make such eyelashes to meet the market.

eyelash vendors

 Eyelash Vendors

Also, ask how to wholesale eyelashes within your budget

If you have a limited budget and want to start your eyelash business right away, you can start with faux mink eyelashes or silk eyelashes.

However, Mink Eyelash Vendors have many ways to help people in eyelash business make a good decision. If you need help, please contact us for more professional advice.

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