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Which method is better at distinguishing 6D Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Which method is better at distinguishing 6D Mink Lashes Wholesale?

There are many ways to judge whether a company is a good Eyelash Vendors. In the simplest terms, what can a good Lash Vendors offer you?As the best 6D Mink Lash Vendors in China, we have helped many people start their own mink lashes business line. The first reason is that our eyelashes are a well-known retail eyelash supplier in the United States. So let us summarize what the best eyelash wholesalers can provide you.

eyelash vendors wholesale usa

Eyelash Vendors

About the raw materials we use to process products

Our false eyelashes are specially designed for wholesale 6D mink false eyelashes to ensure the effectiveness of the Wholesale 6D Mink  Eyelash . We use the material from the tail of the Siberian mink fur to pick out the 1-2 year old mink, which has the longest and sharp hair. The ends of the hair do not break, that is the best part of the mink. Low prices are not always bad quality, because our luxury false eyelashes are of good quality, but the cheap 6D mink false eyelashes are low in price.

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Wholesale 6D Mink Eyelash

About the technology and craftsmanship of our factory for producing eyelashes

We can ensure that each eyelash is attached one by one by our hands. Our eyelashes only produce high-end Mink Eyelash Wholesale from the 6D mink wholesale market that are 100% handmade.Our products are safer than those of other Mink Lashes Vendor.

Lip Gloss Tubes With Wand

Mink Eyelash Wholesale

After comparison, you can know that other companies use glue technology to create 6D effects. The 6D effect sold by our mink fur is achieved through temperature control. Common sense is that changes in physical properties are generally healthier than changes in chemical properties. When chemicals come into contact with this very fragile part of the eye, they may cause eye diseases. Worst of all, it will blind the wearer’s eyes.

custom lash cases

Custom Eyelash Packaging

About designers: Our company’s designers all graduated from design majors in famous universities in China

They learned the most professional knowledge there. In addition, the designer of Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes also has more than 20 years of design experience. It can be said that they are very aware of women’s needs for charm and beauty.The appearance of our Faux 6D false eyelashes is based on various flower forms found in nature. The designer does his best to find inspiration from life to create more flexible and attractive eyelashes.

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

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