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Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better?

Why Are Mink Eyelashes Better?

Mink: By far the most popular natural eyelash material. The mink fur is super light and fluffy, and the wearing effect mimics the appearance of your own eyelashes. If you are not familiar with false eyelashes and prefer a subtle look, mink may be a good choice. Chaumet Lashes is a professional mink eyelash supplier. We can provide you with high-quality and luxurious mink eyelashes and tailor your own eyelash brand. Through market research and customer repurchase rates, we have summarized the best-selling 25mm dramatic mink eyelashes in 2020.

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The texture of Chaumet Wholesale Mink Lashes is also brighter than silk eyelashes, which makes the eyelashes shiny. They (under proper care) are very long lasting and can usually be reused about 15-20 times. If your eyelashes are thin and weak, that would be great. Because they are very light, they will not fall or twist even after weeks of wear.

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Wholesale Mink Eyelashes come from the tails of Siberian mink or Chinese mink because they are soft and light. With mink eyelashes, you will get a light, fluffy, soft and natural look. Real mink eyelashes usually last longer because they are hollow inside, which makes them very lightweight. This allows us to apply several mink fillers to each natural eyelash without affecting it.

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