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Why Chaumet Lashes 25MM Lashes So Popular

Why Chaumet Lashes 25MM Lashes So Popular ?

First, the length of the mink fur from the top to the end is 25mm, and this mean the length of the raw mink fur not the finished lashes length.Second , the material of the eyelashes are made of mink fur.Third , this style of lashes have good 3D effect. The mink fur of the Long 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale is different than the Natural Mink Lashes and 20MM 3D Mink Lashes.Why ?Because the raw material of mink fur is much longer than the natural mink lashes. This material is much special than the normal one.

Eyelash Vendors Usa

Mink Lash Vendors

We just collect the lashes from the tail of the mink ,and some one ask for us , if we Kill The Mink For The Mink Fur, OH, MY GOD! We won’t do that, and if the mink is dead, the mink fur will not so fluffy black and shiny. And if we just can’t pick the mink fur anymore.So we won’t do that. All the lashes are Vegan 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale .As you know, only the mink fur for the tail of the mink should be long and thin and soft. So only use this part of the mink fur, we can ensure the quality of the 25MM Mink Lash.

Mink Lash Vendor

Mink Eyelash Vendors USA

Of course, the feeling of wearing it is also very comfortable without the feeling of gravity.3rd Do you want to know the secret of the comfortable feelings?
First , the raw material.Most Mink Lashes Vendor won’t use this part of the mink fur, so if you check the mink fur, you will see:

1 The top the mink fur is broken and not sharpen.
2 if you feel the mink fur with your finger, that will be some hard than our Luxury 25MM Mink Lashes.
Second , the age of the mink.
We collect the mink fur from the young mink fur which is thin and long, with perfect feelings and appearance. Different ages different quality.

Vendors For Lashes

Vendors For Lashes

 Attract People

You will be the center when you apply your 25mm Luxury Mink Lashes on.
Also can improve eye charm effectively.How many 25mm lashes style in the market?Our designer have designed hundreds of style according to the size of the face and the shape of the eye.And we push 50 hot styles in the market after the test. And if you want to customized your own lashes style, just send us your drawing picture, and we will design for you ,and make a sample to test the style and quality. Welcome contact Evanna Lashes to make your own style lashes whatsapp:+8613335035174.

Lashes Vendor

Lashes Vendor

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