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Why Our Custom Boxes MOQ Is 30 Pieces?

Why Our Custom Boxes MOQ Is 30 Pieces?

Chaumet Lashes is a Eyelash Vendors Wholesale and Custom Eyelash Packaging in China.We have our own factory.We specialize in handmade 3D mink hair, including 25mm Mink Eyelashes, 16mm mink eyelashes, 20mm mink eyelashes and 22mm mink eyelashes.We also produce custom crafted box packs, glue and tweezers.If you are looking for eyelash vendors, we are your best choice!

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Custom Eyelash Packaging Phone Box

Many customers will be at a loss when they first start their eyelash business. It doesn’t matter that Chaumet Lashes will help you start your eyelash business. Many customers Customize Eyelash Packaging Boxes for the first time, so they want to order a small amount of eyelash packaging boxes to test the quality. Chaumet lashes customized eyelashes packaging box, the minimum order quantity is only 30 pieces.《Why our regular customers reorder every month》

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Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

In fact, many customers will have such an idea. There are many Eyelash Packaging Boxes with low quality and high minimum starting quantity in the market, which leads to more and more customers to have such ideas!

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 Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Chaumet Lashes tells you that dosen’t work. You should know that anyone doing business must pay the same fees as you. Wholesale customized eyelash packaging boxes also need to print the logo on the beautiful Diy eyelash packaging boxes. The minimum order quantity is 20. If you only make one for you, it will start the whole process of the machine, and all workers need to work, so this also cost us a lot of costs.

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Customize Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Why do customers want a sample? In fact, they are afraid that after receiving their order, the Eyelash Packaging Wholesale is not as beautiful as they think and the quality is not so good. Dear, please don’t worry. We have the most professional designer team who can design the logo you want for free on the box. After the design is completed, you will be asked to check it until you are satisfied, We will not start production until you agree with the design!Do you need eyelash glue? Do you know what is the 《 Best glue for eyelashes》

customize your own eyelash box

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

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click here«Design your own logo 

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