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Can Mink Lashes Get Wet?

Can Mink Lashes Get Wet?

If you have been  Mink Lash Vendors for a certain period of time, then you will also have a certain understanding of the eyelash market. The quality of Wholesale Eyelash in the current eyelash market is uneven, and the same mink eyelashes will also have different prices and quality, so what? How to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality mink eyelashes? Today chaumet lashes will tell you what are high-quality mink eyelashes based on ten years of experience in 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale manufacturing and sales?

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Can your 3D mink false eyelashes be wet? In fact, it depends on the fact that most 3D mink false eyelashes can’t get wet and you can’t swim with your eyelashes, but our eyelashes can!Hi everyone, I’m Jennie, CTO of Chaumet Lashes. Today I will tell you a secret why they can’t get wet when you put on other eyelashes and show you the technology used by your Lash Vendors.

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1. How to test the difference?

Well, we conducted a test to test whether our luxurious eyelashes can maintain optimal curl when wet. In the end, we discovered that our luxurious 3D mink can swim!We first wipe the eyelashes in a destructive way, then put them in the water, then stir, after the eyelashes are completely saturated, remove them, and then place them on dry paper.To our surprise, the eyelashes returned to their original shape after drying!However, for other mink fur manufacturers, our regular eyelashes cannot pass the experiment.

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2. what causes this difference?

After analyzing the whole process, we found two main factors that led to this difference.The first technology.In order to save time and money, most false eyelash wholesale factories will choose the easiest way to create curling and 3D effects. Sometimes they use chemical liquids to destroy the structure of mink skins to create curling and 3D effects. The effect is good.The second is production speed.This production method can save a lot of time and produce more eyelashes.

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3. what happens if you buy them?

First hurt your eyes.Chemicals will leave stains on the surface of the mink, and when wet, they will mix with water and produce a chemical reaction.If you don’t bring an umbrella on a rainy day, it will be very dangerous. Rain water containing chemicals may enter your eyes and harm your eyes two times you will lose your customers if you are still selling this kind of chemical eyelashes
If something dangerous happens, it will destroy your eyelash business. In this way, you will lose customers and business.Therefore, this will be a serious matter. If you find that 3D mink false eyelashes are chemical false eyelashes, you should test and change the wholesale 3D mink false Mink Eyelash Vendors.

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